Tuesday, December 14, 2010

(9 sentence) Album Review: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - III/IV

Those of you mourning the indefinite hiatus of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals can take solace in the newest double-album, III/IV.  While the ever-present and prolific Ryan Adams hasn’t gone anywhere, some feel that his best days are behind him (okay, maybe just me).  But here’s the kicker, the album is actually comprised of previously recorded tracks from the Easy Tiger sessions.  And while “previously recorded tracks” usually imply “crappier B-sides that didn’t make the album for a reason”, III/IV is actually a worthwhile listen.   The newest release doesn’t have the truly inspired highlights of Easy Tiger’s Halloweenhead or Goodnight Rose, but the album isn’t just outtakes.  It is a very real, cohesive and enjoyable double LP.  Oh and you can listen to the entire album for free on his Myspace page So stop reading this review and listen.  Then if you have any sense you’ll agree with me.

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